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Andy Mack in Lyon – Taiji Workshop



Workshop with Andy Mack in Lyon

Discover or deepen the practice of Taiji Heaven Man Earth with Andy Mack during a 2-day workshop


Andy Mack is a disciple and one of the oldest students of Adam Mizner (founder of Heaven Man Earth International Arts, expert in Taiji Quan known worldwide for the quality of his internal work and his ability to use it. It is also appreciated for its pedagogical qualities, of rare clarity and precision). Andy Mack is the founder of “Dissolve Therapy”.

Each workshop is an opportunity to have corrections if you are already practicing the Taiji HME system, and it is also an opportunity to discover this method, and the mindset of the Heaven Man Earth school. Participation in these workshops allows you to accelerate your progress, already by the simple fact of meeting a person who has already developed the qualities of Ting and Song at such a level.

For who ?

WORKSHOP OPEN TO ALL (even if you have never practiced Taijiquan)

Participating in a workshop with Andy (accompanied by Duran Mack) means being in contact with and feeling the Heaven Man Earth mindset. It is also about being able to experience the sensation of being in contact with this “powerful softness”. We can only see what it is about by touching these qualities through someone who has developed them. It also means discovering or deepening the HME method, clarifying certain aspects, and benefiting from Andy’s corrections and advice. These moments are very important to progress on the path to a real internal practice, and really develop Song (“let go” in the body).

Meditation session

Andy sometimes offers a meditation session before the Taiji workshop.

Next session : in planning for 2020

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Heaven Man Earth Workshop in Lyon

Andy mack

Heaven Man Earth is dedicated to the traditional transmission of Yang Taijiquan style. The teaching is based on a structured and clear method through 2 systems of Huang Sheng Shyan and Yang Shao Hou.


2 days (saturday and sunday)


in planning for 2020


≈ 200€ (230$)


You can book your place by paying via the link below. Then send me an email with the ticket number corresponding to your reservation. For any question (place, time), contact me by email or phone: – +33 4 82 53 83 35